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Thinking about our customers, we have implemented a new service through which you will be able to access your Savings and Checking Accounts, Loans and Credit Cards by just sending a text message at 2000, from anywhere through your mobile thelephone 24 hours a day.   


    • Gmóvil is fast, secure and reliable
    • Gmóvil  is free.  The mobile phone operator will charge you the text message forwarding tariff in accordance with your mobile phone plan
    • Gmóvil can be used with any mobile phone model, both in pre-paid plans and contract.  You require only the SMS text messaging service
    • Gmóvil works with the operators:  Cable & Wireless + Móvil, Telefónica Movistar and Digicel
    • Gmóvil is safe.  The customer can only access from his/her subscribed mobile phone.  Global Bank is committed to protecting the personal information of the customer.  

How can I Subscribe to the Gmóvil Service?

You can subscribe to the Gmóvil Service in any of our branches or through Online Banking.

The customer is required to subscribe  the mobile phone number from which he or she will make use of the Gmóvil Service.   To perform enquiries and transactions, you just have to send a text message to the number 2000 with the requested “command”  and a "short name" of the product or service.  The system will perform the action and will respond in a fast, secure and reliable manner.

What Transactions Can I Perform through the Gmóvil Service?

You can consult and perform basic transactions from your Accounts, Credit Cards and Loans.


Savings and Checking Accounts

  • Check account balances
  • Check the last three (3) transactions performed

Credit Cards

  • Check account balances, mínimum payment, cut-off date, and next payment date
  • Check the last three transactions performed
  • Check available miles


  • Check  owing balance, monthly installments and date of next payment


  • Transfer between the customer´s own accounts
  • Payment of VISA Credit Cards
  • Payment of a loan Installment
  • Purchase of mobile phone air time

How does the Gmóvil Service works?

The system functions under the following nomenclature:

Are the key words determining  the type of transaction to be performed.  The predetermined commands are: SAL, MOV, MIL, PAG, TRA, AYUDA.

Short Names
Easily  remembered nickname with which the customer identifies each account, product or recharge.  Allows maximum  8 characters of either letters and /or numbers with no special characters.

Gmóvil Access Number 

The number 2000 will be used to send and receive messages.

How do I Write a Text Message?

  • Separate the command from the short name with only one space
  • There is no difference between upper case and lower case
  • In writing the amounts, use no comas (,)
  • Use stop (.) to indicate decimals.  If you dont, the figure will be consider a whole number
  • Short names are for personal use and must not be shared 
Queries Command How to write the Message Products that apply to  Example
Balance queries SAL SAL short name Savings Account, Checking Account, Credit Card, Loans  SAL MAMA
Account movements queries  MOV MOV short name Savings Account, Checking Account, Credit Card  MOV AHORRO
Available miles queries PUNTOS PUNTOS short name Credit Card PUNTOS ITALIA
Assistance with commands AYUDA AYUDA    AYUDA




Transactions Command How to write the Message Products that apply to
Payment of Credit Card  or Loan PAG PAG short name origin account amount short name loan or card From a Savings or Checking Account to a Credit Card or Loan  PAG ORO 100.20 PAPA
Transfer money between accounts TRA TRA short name origin account amount short name destination account Savings Account, Checking Account  TRA MAMA 200.75 HIJA




Global Bank requests no confidential information to its customers through Gmóvil.



If you are still not subscribed  to Gmóvil, do so through Online Banking or in any of our  branches, completely free of charge.



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